Why less is more in security walls

It’s excusable to believe that the thicker and heavier you go with your security, the better protection you get. It sounds like common sense. But it isn’t, and in this article we’ll explain why and offer a solution that enhances protection and offers you an improved sustainability profile in one blow.

We don’t build fortresses anymore

That’s because the weapons have become so much more powerful and made them pointless. Most old fortifications and castle are museums today, offering a journey back to another time. The same applies to security walls and the construction of secure rooms, strong rooms, safe rooms, vaults and high-value storage. Modern power tools are powerful and can get through most materials in minutes, including reinforced steel and concrete.

Technological advantage

In order to stop modern power tools, you have to be aware of how they work. They’re designed to cut, drill and saw through almost any material. And they gradually become more capable. Going thicker and heavier will add minutes before these power tools get through, but the cost is substantial. Not to mention the weight, installation time and difficulty in handling these heavy materials.

That’s where our anti-cut panels come in handy. They meet this power tool development with a technology designed to make it extremely difficult to breach your secure walls.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We’re the first to agree that our anti-cut panels don’t look like much. And they aren’t. They weigh relatively little (2-3 kg per square meter or 0.41-0.61 pounds per square foot) and are thin (8-10 mm or 0.3-0.4 inches thick). But appearances can deceive, and in this case, that’s true.

With our anti-cut panels mounted in your secure walls or roofs, you will either stop attacks from power tools completely by burning out their engines. Or you will steal so much time that the whole endeavor becomes too risky and is abandoned before security or police arrive to the scene. With our anti-cut panels working together with other security installations such as electronic alarms and locks, you will enjoy a very high level of protection for your assets.

We work with private and commercial customers as well as police, military and governments all over the world. Common applications in construction are safety-deposit centers, auction houses, domestic safe rooms, commercial strong rooms, server rooms and data center buildings, buildings at nuclear sites, gun and evidence storage.

We don’t shy away from new challenges, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your thoughts, questions and needs. We’re also happy to cooperate and innovate together with you in order to find the solution you want and need.