Anti-cut panels that stop power tools

Lightweight anti-drill, anti-cut and anti-saw protection. Tailor made and installed in minutes, they keep your equipment and cargo safe from theft.

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Protection business areas

Avertic Armour anti-cut panels are versatile and can be used for physical protection in almost any application.

Their most common uses are to protect security containers, cash-in-transit vehicles, high-value transports and secure rooms in construction. We regularly work with customers who require special solutions and are happy to discuss and cooperate to meet your needs.


High-value transport

Security containers


Physical security

Easily installed in security areas such as cash-in-transit, high-value transportation, security containers and construction.

Tailor made

The anti-cut panels are customized after your blueprints for a perfect fit and minimum waste.


The weight varies from 2-3 kg per square meter or 0.41-0.61 pounds per square foot and offer reliable security that delay and often stop power tool break-in attempts.

Easy to install

Mount our anti-cut panels in minutes with an adhesive. The width of 8-10 mm or 0.3-0.4 inches make them easy to handle, yet difficult to breach.