• How anti-cut panels protect our business amidst rising crime

    Business owners are concerned about rising crime rates, particularly burglaries targeting commercial premises. Burglary and theft are common in construction and manufacturing businesses, with 45% of construction companies experiencing break-ins and 61% of industry and manufacturing companies facing theft. This trend challenges businesses to secure their premises and assets effectively.

  • Maximizing physical security – the synergy of various security solutions

    In today’s ever-changing security landscape, choosing the right security measures is crucial. From surveillance cameras to steel doors and anti-cut panels, each option has its own pros and cons.

  • The evolution of Avertic Armour

    Since its inception in the textile industry of Sweden in the 1930s, Avertic Armour has forged its path as a pioneer in physical protection solutions. Born from the innovation of our parent company Engtex, Avertic Armour represents a legacy of excellence that spans over four decades.

  • Unveiling emerging trends in physical security solutions

    In an era marked by evolving threats and technological advancements, the landscape of physical security solutions is undergoing a paradigm shift. From innovative materials to cutting-edge technologies, the industry is witnessing a surge in demand for robust protection mechanisms.

  • Exploring the fundamentals of physical security

    Securing sensitive areas and assets is a top priority for any organization. In this article, we delve into the fundamentals of physical security, how they work together to safeguard against various risks and what Avertic Armour has to offer to enhance your security posture.

  • 4 reasons why you should use Avertic Armour

    Are you investing in security solutions but unsure where to focus your efforts? To help you make an informed decision, let's explore the four key benefits of choosing Avertic Armour for your security needs.

  • Ensuring security for high-value transport

    Protecting high-value transports from theft requires more than just conventional security measures. With the evolving tactics of criminals, innovative solutions are essential to safeguard your high-value transports effectively.

  • Innovative security solutions for modern challenges

    Tailored to meet the unique needs of strong rooms, our advanced solutions not only fortify security but also offer a customizable approach, ensuring a perfect fit for every environment.

  • Tailored solutions for secure enclosures

    Discover the importance of secure enclosures and how our tailored solutions can meet your different protection needs.

  • Safeguarding spaces with advanced anti-cut technology

    Today, many break-ins involve the use of sophisticated power tools designed to cut through robust materials like steel with alarming ease. Avertic Armour introduces cutting-edge solutions with advanced anti-cut properties, offering protection against such attacks.