Install your anti-cut panels in minutes

Lightweight and versatile anti-cut panels that delay or completely stop power tools. We’ll help you choose the product that best fits your protection requirements and tailor it to your blueprints.

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Not only do we tailor your Avertic Armour to your blueprint. We also help you choose the optimal quality for your purposes. The variants differ in terms of weight and level of protection as seen below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – our experts are here to help.

DEFENSE: Drill, 800w grinder, chainsaw
ARMOUR: Drill, 1100w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw
SECURED: Drill, 2400w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw, reciprocating saw
HOMELAND: Drill, 2400w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw, reciprocating saw

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Install your anti-cut panels in minutes

Your Avertic Armour anti-cut panels will be delivered tailored to your measurements. Install them in minutes with an adhesive and relax – they’ll effectively delay or stop attacks from most modern power tools and even cause their engines to overheat.

Mount your Avertic Armour opposite the external side. Ideally you should create a cavity of 15-20 mm by using spacers or studs. Your anti-cut panels won’t work properly if they’re under pressure.

Use construction adhesives such as SikaFlex-118 for optimal mounting.

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Protection business areas

Avertic Armour anti-cut panels are versatile and can be used for physical protection in almost any application.

Their most common uses are to protect security containers, cash-in-transit vehicles, high-value transports and secure rooms in construction. We regularly work with customers who require special solutions and are happy to discuss and cooperate to meet your needs.


High-value transport

Security containers



The unique composition of Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels will effectively stop break-in attempts with power tools.





Find out what singles out Avertic Armour and the benefits it offers you.

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Client discretion

Protection is a delicate business. The less perpetrators know about your protective measures, the harder it is for them to plan and prepare. This can significantly reduce their chances of success.

That’s why we sign non-disclosure agreements with all our clients, and therefore you won’t see any client cases or references on our website.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss further, we work with clients all over the world and are happy to work together with you to provide the solution you need.