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Security Containers

With our anti-cut panels mounted, your security containers become difficult to breach with most power tools. And they steal time from the intruders and give it to you.


Time is crucial

Robbers want to get in and out as fast as possible. Every second is valuable, and with our anti-cut panels you’ll rob them of a lot of time. Often, the attempt will be aborted due to the difficulty of getting through with even the most powerful power tools.

Although you most likely use electronic alarms and heavy locks, power tools can get through most materials in minutes. And electronic alarms can be disrupted. That’s where our anti-cut panels come in. They’re always there, in the way.

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We tailor your anti-cut panels after your blueprints. This lets you install them in minutes with an adhesive, and minimizes waste. The panels are lighter than traditional materials such as wood and steel, which makes them easier to handle and install. The panels come in different qualities and we’ll help you find the solution that best meets your needs.

Avertic Armour is relied on to protect safety deposit centers, auction houses, domestic safe rooms, commercial strong rooms, server rooms, nuclear site buildings as well as gun and evidence storage rooms. Our clients range from commercial clients, police, military and governments.

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  • Cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles
  • Strong rooms
  • High-value transport
  • Vaults
  • Server rooms


PROTECTION: Anti Saw, Cut & Drill
WEIGHT: 1 900 – 3 100 g/m²
0.39 – 0.64 lbs/ft²
THICKNESS: 8 – 10 mm / 0.32 – 0.45 inch
SIZE & SHAPE: Manufactured to any size or shape according to customer drawings or specifications for perfect fit and quick mounting.
MOUNTING: Adhesives


DEFENSE: Drill, 800w grinder, chainsaw
ARMOUR: Drill, 1100w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw
SECURED: Drill, 2400w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw, reciprocating saw
HOMELAND: Drill, 2400w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw, reciprocating saw


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Protection business areas

Avertic Armour anti-cut panels are versatile and can be used for physical protection in almost any application.

Their most common uses are to protect security containers, cash-in-transit vehicles, high-value transports and secure rooms in construction. We regularly work with customers who require special solutions and are happy to discuss and cooperate to meet your needs.


High-value transport

Security containers


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