The History of the award winning protection

The original chainsaw protection that became an ultra light and flexible security panel. Protecting clients all around the globe.

The Original Textile Protection

Engtex´s business operations originally started in 1939. Already from the start we have been very keen to apply and utilize new modern technology in our production process to be in the fore front of the technical textile industry.

TEXTILE EXCELLENCE. We actively develop and manufacture highly sophisticated products in the fields of technical textiles with a wide range of experience, solid knowhow and extensive skills. Our vast network of colleagues, suppliers, universities and scientific institutions has proven to be extremely advantageous in Engtex´s continuously ongoing R&D work.

MADE IN SWEDEN. All production is based in Sweden where we produce some 600.000 m2 textiles per week at our production plants in Ulricehamn and Mullsjö. Closed to 90% is exported all over the world for a wide range of applications in different business areas.


    Flame retardant fabrics that can be printed or dyed for use on straight or curved suspended ceilings and walls.

  • GEO

    Materials adapted for reinforcing asphalt.
Asphalt reinforcement basic principal used in our solution is the absorption and dispersion of energy within the textile instead of in e.g. an asphalt pavement.


    Our medical business area provides solutions for the healthcare sector. One example is a membrane we provide that is placed between a wound and bandage to prevent infection.


    Technical textiles for the automotive industry that meet its high standards for safety, quality and economy. We have solutions for interior fittings, seats and other applications that demand durable materials.


    Textiles with structures specially developed to allow wind to pass through, that are light and provide
optimum visibility for printed messages. We are able to provide a great number of alternatives and sizes (widths up to 5.4 meters).


    4 super strong textiles, various amount of layer and combinations are put into a panel to provide a new innovative protection for the security industry. Attacks with machines like grinders, any type of saw and drills will be stalled or completely stopped.

  • PPE

    Textiles developed for Personal Protective Equipment – PPE. We manufacture the No.1 chainsaw protection used by Stihl, Husqvarna, Phanner and other leading brands. Our chainsaw protection fabric meets the safety standards of EN 381, ASTM F1897, AS/NZS 4453.3, GOST 12.4.277-2014.


    Textile solutions with highest durability and low weight for plastic and rubber reinforcement. Common areas of application are storage halls, tents, synthetic roofing membranes, flexible doors, ventilation ducts etc.


    Engtex develops textiles for military use. Advanced fabrics for camouflage and military gears. This segment deals exclusively with critical situations where material function and quality may never fail.