The significance of anti-drill technology

Anti-drill plates have become a crucial defense mechanism in recent years. As break-ins increase, the need for robust anti-drill solutions is more apparent than ever. Discover more about security solutions and what we have to offer.

You might have heard about anti-drill plates. These are often used as a reliable security measure, especially in vehicles and home environments. Anti-drill technology is designed to counteract the destructive attempt to drill locks, a method all too often used in break-ins.

An uncomplicated yet destructive technique
Drilling a lock is a destructive and straightforward method to force entry into a home, vehicle, or anything with a lock, basically. The attack method involves knocking in a drill bit just below the shear line in the keyhole to create a guiding point. Then attach a drill bit to fit the gap and drill. The process is repeated with a slightly larger drill bit. Finally, a flat-headed screwdriver is used to turn the lock, similar to using a key.

Multi-purposed panels
Avertic Armour offer anti-drill solutions for various security needs. Our anti-cut panels are multi-purposed and ensure optimal security in various applications. Our products are ideal for safeguarding security contains, cash-in-transit vehicles, high value transports and secure rooms in construction. The unique construction of our panels will effectively stop break-in attempts with modern power tools. With anti-drill, anti-saw and anti-cut properties, our panels provide unparalleled security against intrusions.

The textile technology advantage
Today’s power tools are designed to cut, saw, and drill through steel and concrete – and they do it well. But they are not designed to cut through an intricate net of high-performance threads. We come from a company with decades of experience in textile technology. Our technology tangles up the power tool, no matter if it’s a drill, grinder, cut-off saw or reciprocating saw. The textiles and their construction are designed to halt the power tool and often cause the engine to stall completely.

Our anti-cut panels are securing vehicles, structures, objects, and people worldwide. We offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs and are ready to discuss and collaborate to ensure your safety.