New Innovative Security Panels for CIT Vehicles

Cash-in-transit (CIT) has been utilized by thousands of companies for a long time. For decades, they have helped major and minor corporations delegate the physical transfer of banknotes, coins, credit cards, precious metals, and all items of value by transporting them to the bank or to their client’s preferred locations.

Cash-in-transit companies use different kinds of vehicles to transport valuables. The most common are the armoured trucks which are designed to prevent break-ins. Other CIT companies prefer soft-skinned vehicles, which are mostly used for cash collection and cash deliveries. Soft-skinned vehicles have little or no armour and are designed to transport valuables in a much discreet manner. Some vehicles are even implanted with alarm systems, but this doesn’t scare the criminals away. To provide the best service to clients, it is paramount for a company to upgrade their security control both digitally and physically.

Though CIT vehicles are designed to withstand attempts of theft, robbery, and hijacking, this doesn’t stop criminals from targeting them because of the amount of money these vehicles carry. In fact, since January 2018, more than 150 robberies were recorded in South Africa alone where the CIT heist is rampant. These heists have continuously escalated and South Africa considers it now a national emergency. Companies around the world have been losing billions to highly organized crimes and the police have been trying to combat these problems for a very long time.

To counter these brazen cash-in-transit attacks, a new state-of-the-art textile was created—Avertic Armour.

Avertic Armour is a revolutionary and highly advanced textile made from the No.1 chainsaw protective textile, Avertic Pro+. It is a warp-knitted set of fabrics where the extreme Avertic aX fibre is used to create a unique product that is designed to withstand break-in attempts when power tools are used. The textiles are also mostly made with layers and combinations of materials like Kevlar and Dyneema — which are very strong synthetic fibres — and are crafted into a security panel that can be attached in the walls of cash-in-transit vehicles. Depending on the level of protection required, the number of layers and the kind of textile can be adjusted for ultimate protection. Intrusion and attacks with the use of machines like power drills, chainsaws, power saws and grinders will be completely stalled.

Here is why we highly recommend Avertic Armour in all cash-in-transit vehicles:

Superior and Quality Protection

Criminals create a master plan before starting a heist, and they are always able to find a way to circumvent security measures. First, they swoop around CIT vehicles and shoot the tires. Once the vehicle stops, robbers break into the vehicle’s walls and doors to grab whatever’s inside. Though some vehicles have fortified all their wall panels with the toughest metal to prevent break-ins, robbers are smart enough to carry the most powerful tools to cut the wall panels open.

Avertic Armour’s protection is almost all in one. Any attempt of break-ins can be instantly stopped. Once Avertic is in contact with a power tool, the textiles inside the panels would shred
out and break. This then would allow the ultra-strong fabrics to wrap the edges of the tool making it immovable, immediately impairing its function. This would cause the power tools to get stuck into the wall with the possibility of its engine getting burned. It would take the criminal a long time to get the machine out from the wall before leaving the scene.

Lightweight and Ultrathin

Compared to metal, concrete, and bricks, Avertic is extremely lightweight, only 2-3 kg/m2 or 0.41-0.61 lb/ft2 to be exact. Aside from that, it is also ultrathin at only 8-10 mm or 0.3-0.4 inch thick making it easy to mount and install. Avertic security panels can also be installed directly wherever you want it to and whichever device or construction you need to protect. It can be fitted in the interior of a door, a wall, and even inside your private vehicles. And because it is very light and thin, it doesn’t consume too much amount of space compared to other products.

Cost-efficient and Innovative

Since it is lightweight, ultrathin and able to withstand multiple power tools, it a cost-effective choice in securing protection for CIT vehicles. Compared to metal, cement, and ceramics which are heavy and expensive, Avertic can be tailor-made or cut into specific measurements according to your preference making it less tedious to install. You can also use the panel to protect a wide range of products like ATM machines, safe, office cabinets, car walls, etc.

The product was developed for more than three years, incurring hundreds of tests before it was officially patented as the world’s most innovative panel. It has now been famously used in four different continents as the best security protection, not just for CIT vehicles but also for other security products or constructions like panic rooms, domestic buildings, commercial areas, security doors, and other critical infrastructures and devices.

Despite the rapid technological advancements, many cash-in-transit companies are still irresolute about the crime-prevention methods available; even though some of these advancements have been on the market for years. To provide the best cash-in-transit and cash collection services to clients, CIT companies should continuously innovate to prevent unforeseeable crimes that may harm the business.

Avertic Armour is a revolutionary product like no other. It aims to be the world’s number one choice in security protection to help businesses thrive, protect assets, provide confidence, and save lives.