Enhance your physical security and safeguard against intruders

Are you concerned about potential intruders? The need for robust security solutions has never been more crucial. As technology evolves, so do the tools utilized by intruders, necessitating a fundamental shift in security strategies.

Despite the variation of physical security solutions, traditional measures often fall short in preventing intrusion attempts. Avertic Armour’s flexible anti-cut panels are versatile and applicable in nearly any physical security scenario. They protect security containers against modern power tool breaches, significantly delaying intruders and deterring their efforts.

In the face of the alarming speed at which power tools breach conventional containers, Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels present an effective solution. These panels disrupt the effectiveness of power tools, causing them to stall or become lodged, ultimately thwarting intrusion attempts and depriving intruders of vital time. Rather than relying on steel, for instance, we employ textiles that entangle power tools. Often, the sheer difficulty imposed by these panels leads to the abandonment of intrusion efforts, offering a crucial advantage to security personnel and property owners.

Avertic Armour’s approach isn’t just about offering standard solutions – it’s about customization. Tailoring anti-cut panels to precise blueprints facilitates swift installation, minimizing waste while enhancing security. Lightweight and versatile, these panels surpass traditional materials in ease of handling and installation, providing diverse industries with tailored and efficient solutions.

Our solutions encompass industrial grade container security, tamper-proof containers, and theft-proof enclosures for safeguarding sensitive materials. We provide secure storage solutions for your company.