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Penetrating a steel or concrete wall can be done in minutes. It’s just a question of using the right tools for the job. Criminals know what works and their goal is to take what they came for and get out as fast as possible. To achieve this, they use modern power tools. Sure, these tools make some noise, but that’s of little consequence when they can be far away with their loot by the time anyone arrives at the scene.

Modern power tools are designed to efficiently cut, saw and drill through tough materials for legal activities such as construction and demolition. Unfortunately, they’re widely available to anyone. Their efficiency even make modern electronic alarms less effective, as a robbery can be all over before anyone can answer the triggered alarm.

And right here, Avertic Armour comes in. Our anti-cut panels steal time from anyone who unlawfully attempts to penetrate a perimeter set to protect valuable assets. It tangles up power tools, no matter if it’s a drill, saw or cutter. At worst, our anti-cut panels add several minutes to the job of getting through a barrier. This is due to the anti-cut panel’s design, which causes the power tool to stall and demands that the fibers in our anti-cut panels be removed. This is not easily done and in all cases very time-consuming.

At best, our anti-cut panels will cause the power tool engine to break, and the theft to be aborted. Either way, mounting our anti-cut panels to protect your assets, you’ll give criminals an unpleasant surprise, steal valuable time from them and likely cause their attempt to steal from you to fail.

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