Avoid van van peeling and van break-ins

Thefts from vans are accelerating. Perpetrators target vans and pick-ups as they often contain expensive tools and equipment. In this article you’ll get some tips to help you protect your assets.

What is van peeling?

There’s a flaw in many modern vans which allows perpetrators to easily gain access to the vehicle’s interior. By applying pressure to the side or back door, the gap between the door and the ceiling widens enough to get a good grip. By pulling down, the door gives way and folds, providing access to whatever’s inside. This technique doesn’t trigger the alarms, as the locks are unaffected.

How to prevent it

Investing in a high-quality lock in combination with an alarm provides a high level of protection. You can also add special protection against lock sabotage. As van break-ins are increasing, the supply of protective solutions have followed suit and there are many alternatives on the market. This development has in turn resulted in perpetrators becoming bolder by using power tools to cut open the walls of the vehicle. This can be done very quickly with perpetrators long gone before you, police or security have time to get to the scene.

Protection against power tools

Our anti-cut panels are specifically designed to protect against power tools. They’re easy to install, thin (0,8 to 10 mm) and lightweight (2-3 kg per m2). We tailor them to your blueprints which helps you mount them in minutes with an adhesive. When you’re done, you have reliable protection against grinders, cut-off saws, reciprocating saws and drills. Our anti-cut panels are in active service in many different applications around the globe. They’re used in cash-in-transit vehicles for extra protection as well as in high-value transports.