Where we come from

The story began in Sweden, in the 1930’s. Back then, the company focused on regular textile production. The technical turn was taken in 1978, when our mother company Engtex launched their first chainsaw protection fabric. Ever since, we have developed high-tech fabrics for industrial, military, automotive and protective purposes.

Avertic Armour is a branch of Engtex, specialized in physical protection. Our technology comes from the original chainsaw protection Avertic, launched in 1978. The tough fabrics and technology used to ward off chainsaws and prevent injuries have been refined to protect assets from break-ins with power tools. The principle is the same and is based on adding an extra layer of our material to protective barriers. This leads to drills, cutting tools and saws getting tangled up, often stopping the power tool completely.

Textile innovation

Back in the 1970’s it became clear that textiles have a lot of unused potential. Special yarns and methods offer diversity and open doors to new areas of application. The benefits are many, including savings in material costs and weight. Initially, the development was driven by improving features for chainsaw operators. Increased protection was important, but not to the expense of freedom of movement, breathability and moisture transfer. This equation has triggered us over the years, leading to several improvements that eventually led to new products and industries.

Enhanced security with benefits

Avertic Armour is one of those products. It was invented by Engtex and is a product of our commitment to innovation. The purpose of Avertic Armour is to enhance protection for a wide range of areas, especially guarding against power tools. The product itself is an anti-cut panel that’s easily installed in any security product or construction. When mounted our anti-cut panels offer an extra layer of protection from attacks where electric or petrol-driven grinders, cut-off saws, reciprocating saws and drills are used.

The anti-cut panels range from 8-10 mm in width and weigh only 2-3 kg per square meter, while offering reliable protection. Today Avertic Armours anti-cut panels are in active service in cash-in-transit vehicles, ATM’s, strong rooms, security walls and different types of security enclosures all over the world.