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High-value transport

Secure your high-value transports with our anti-cut panels designed to stop break-in attempts using power tools.


High-value transports are big game for criminals. Safeguard your valuable cargo against modern threats. While electronic alarms and advanced locks provide some defense, Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels offer an additional layer of robust protection against modern power tools.

Defiant walls FOR PROTECTION

Use Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels to fortify your high-value transports against power tools like drills, grinders and saws. Our panels significantly delay and stop intrusion attempts, offering a deterrent against break-ins and affording law enforcement more time to respond.

effortless installations tailored to your needs

Our anti cut panels are custom-made to fit your specifications, ensuring quick installation with adhesive, reducing excess material. Their lightweight nature simplifies handling and placement. With various quality options available, we’ll assist in selecting the best security solution for your requirements.

Avertic Armour serves a diverse clientele, safeguarding safety deposit centers, auction houses, safe rooms, server rooms and various high-security facilities like nuclear site buildings as well as gun and evidence rooms. Our clientele spans commercial entities, law enforcement, military, and government agencies.


  • Cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles
  • Security containers
  • Strong rooms
  • Vaults
  • Server rooms


PROTECTION: Anti Saw, Cut & Drill
WEIGHT: 1 900 – 3 100 g/m²
0.39 – 0.64 lbs/ft²
THICKNESS: 8 – 10 mm / 0.32 – 0.45 inch
SIZE & SHAPE: Manufactured to any size or shape according to customer drawings or specifications for perfect fit and quick mounting.
MOUNTING: Adhesives


DEFENSE: Drill, 800w grinder, chainsaw
ARMOUR: Drill, 1100w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw
SECURED: Drill, 2400w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw, reciprocating saw
HOMELAND: Drill, 2400w grinder, chainsaw, cut off saw, reciprocating saw


LATEST INSIGHTS – High value transport

Safeguarding spaces with advanced anti-cut technology

Today, many break-ins involve the use of sophisticated power tools designed to cut through robust materials like steel with alarming ease. Avertic Armour introduces cutting-edge solutions with advanced anti-cut properties, offering protection against such attacks.

protection business areas

Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels offer adaptable solutions for a multitude of security needs, delivering robust protection across diverse settings.

Our products can be used to secure security containers, cash-in-transit vehicles, security doors, strong rooms, high value transports and secure rooms in constructions. We offer various anti-saw, anti-drill, and anti-cut solutions and are happy to discuss and cooperate to meet your needs.


High-value transport

Security containers


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