Secure Truck Parking – It’s time for action!

In june, Avertic Armour attended the TAPA Resilience Risk Securing Supply Chains Conference 2023 in Amsterdam. And each year, the conference gathers hundreds of industry leaders, experts, and professionals from various sectors, and one of the topics during this years conference were Secure Parking and how to secure Supply Chains.

Let us tell you a bit more about Secure Parking facilities and how advanced security solutions such as TAPA Route finder & Secure parking locator and Avertic Armour Anti-Cut Panels can be used to keep your equipment and cargo safe from theft.

Did you know that trucks parked in unclassified or unsecured parking places are involved in over 50% of the thousands of cargo losses reported to the TAPA EMEA Intelligence Service (TIS) in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region every year, and involve thefts of products valued at tens of millions of euros.

Secure parking facilities offer a range of benefits that contribute to a resilient supply chain. They provide a safe environment for the temporary storage of goods, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and damage. By implementing solid security measures such as surveillance systems, access controls, and security personnel, organizations can lower these risks.

Anvertic Armour- an innovating Security solution

Secure Parking effectiveness can be further augmented by integrating innovative security solutions like Avertic Armour Anti-Cut Panels into the equation. These panels, known for their tailor made and anti-cut properties, provide an added layer of defense against theft and unauthorized access.

When combined, secure parking facilities and Avertic Armour Anti-Cut Panels create a robust security framework that offers multiple benefits to organizations.

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