Proud members of TAPA and ESTA


The European Cash Management Companies Association, is a non-profit association that was established in Brussels in 1975. They ensure the safety, availability, and efficiency of cash as a means of payment and represents the interests of the sector throughout Europe, with 90% of European cash management companies as members.

ESTA Cash is an invaluable platform for industry insights, connecting with end-users and manufacturers, and building a robust network. With an annual conference, the upcoming one being in Prague in June 2024, ESTA offers a unique opportunity to stay informed and connect with key stakeholders.


Avertic Armour has also joined TAPA, The Transported Asset Protection Association, operating within the logistics domain. Founded in 1997, TAPA is a non-profit industry association dedicated to helping manufacturers, suppliers, and their logistics providers minimize losses from supply chain thefts. By bringing industry players together to share knowledge, best practices, and strategies for asset protection, TAPA aims to create a safer and more reliable logistics chain.

TAPA’s annual conference, also scheduled for June this year, is a crucial forum to stay abreast of industry developments and collaborate towards reducing theft and losses in the transport industry. It is with great excitement that we look forward to being one of Transported Asset Protection Association EMEA ‘s Premier Partners in 2024!