Ensuring security for high-value transport

Protecting high-value transports from theft requires more than just conventional security measures. With the evolving tactics of criminals, innovative solutions are essential to safeguard your high-value transports effectively.

Cutting-edge security solutions
High value goods can be some of the most important items you’ll ever need to transport. Therefore, they demand more than just standard care and attention. While traditional alarms and locks provide some defense, additional layers of protection are crucial. Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels offer a cutting-edge solution to this pressing problem.

Preventing break-ins with anti-cut panels
Modern power tools can effortlessly penetrate steel and concrete, making traditional containers vulnerable to break-ins. Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels are designed to thwart intrusion attempts – not only delay break-ins but also completely prevent them, giving law enforcement valuable time to respond.

Lightweight and flexible protection
Even though our panels only weight around 2-3 kg per square meter, they offer unparalleled strength, providing protection against saws and drills. Textiles used in these panels are incredibly strong making them ideal for securing high-value transports without adding excessive weight. Moreover, their flexibility allows for easy customization and effortless installation, ensuring a tailored solution for every transport security need.

In conclusion, protecting high-value transports requires proactive measures against sophisticated threats. Avertic Armour’s anti-cut panels offer an innovative and effective solution, ensuring the safety and security of valuable cargo during transit. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re happy to discuss and cooperate to meet your needs.