Diverse security solutions in storage

Security in storage is more than just about locks and keys. Across industries, safeguarding valuable assets and sensitive information is paramount. Let’s explore the landscape of security storage solutions and delve into how Avertic Armour stands at the forefront of this domain.

The realm of security storage solutions is expansive. Traditional locks and security measures, while effective, often face evolving threats. Advanced technologies and innovative materials have ushered a new era in security, fortifying storage against intrusion, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Within this landscape, various solutions such as anti drill locks, plates, anti vandal units, and diverse saw and cut protections are prevalent.

Unparalleled protection, tailored solutions
Avertic Armour strides forward in this landscape, redefining security storage through a fusion of innovation and reliability. We offer lightweight and flexible anti cut panels that delay or completely stop attacks from most modern power tools and can even cause their engines to overheat. Our products are primarily used to protect security containers, cash-in-transit vehicles, high-value transports, and secure rooms in construction.

Redefining security storage standards
Modern power tools are unfortunately highly effective at breaching traditional security containers. Steel can be penetrated in minutes with the right machine, while electronic alarms and heavy locks can be bypassed in mere minutes. That is why we utilize textiles. Our technology entangles the power tool, whether it’s a drill, grinder, cut-off saw, or reciprocating saw. Furthermore, our panels are lighter than traditional materials such as wood and steel, making them easier to handle and install.

Tailored and installed in minutes
We tailor our anti cut panels according to your blueprints, facilitating installation in minutes using adhesive and minimizing waste. The panels come in different qualities, and we’ll assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs.

As threats evolve, our dedication remains unwavering – to provide unmatched security, ensuring that what’s stored remains truly secure.